Bon Ton Bakery, Catering & Deli

Celebrating 101 Years of Business

Our Team

3 Generations Strong:  (back) Richard Radtke, John Radtke & Josh Punzel
(front) Verla Radtke, Cindy Radtke & Jessica Punzel (nee Radtke)

Richard, past owner, has been working at the bakery for over 60 years starting after he returned home from the navy during WWII.  John, the current owner, took over the family business in 1988, and along with his father, Richard, the two work together on turning out breads, buns and doughnuts daily.  John remodeled the bakery in 1998, from the small standing-only store front to the larger sit-down store that we know today!  Josh, the head chef, started working at the bakery during college in 2000.  He turns out the popular daily lunches and makes most of the meals for catered events; he also helps make buns and doughnuts with John and Richard.  Verla, the current owner, started working at the bakery in the mid 50s.  She works the counters helping customers get all the goodies that they ask for.  Cindy makes all the wonderful cakes, cookies, pies and desserts.  Cindy started working for the bakery in high school as a clerk, and when her and John married in 1979, she started helping out with decorating cakes and making other goodies that customers just can't resist.  Jessica, the daughter of John & Cindy and the wife of Josh, works wherever she is needed.  Jessica main areas are desserts, cake decoration and cookie decoration.


Samuel Punzel, Josh's brother, started working at the bakery after his graduation from UW- Platteville in 2010.  Sam is working with Josh in the catering department, and turns out the wonderful deli salads and salad bar daily.  He also helps out John on the bench with donuts and danish in the afternoons.